digital strategy

Digital Strategy

chiara June 24, 2022

Digital strategy is an essential element for the success of a company. It is basic to create a corporate presence on the web through the use of online tools...

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artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

chiara May 5, 2022

Artificial intelligence studies the design techniques of hardware systems and creates software capable of completing actions that appear to belong exclusively to human intelligence. Could become a viable solution...

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Editorial Plan

chiara April 19, 2022

The editorial plan is a document that anyone who wants to give a coherent image of their brand creates and, above all, organize their contents in order to tell...

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How does digital advertising data change in 2021?

Giulia Ognibene July 23, 2021

According to the latest adex benchmark based on European data, investments in online advertising would have grown by about 6.3% compared to last year. A positive trend in constant increase...

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