Funnel Marketing

By: chiara Posted on: October 21, 2022
Funnel Marketing

Funnel marketing is a funnel-shaped model that conveys the audience in a four-step path that will lead them to become a loyal customer.

  • AWARENESS: In this phase the first contact takes place with the customer who has a need but has not yet chosen the most suitable solution. At this stage, the approach to content marketing and PR tools is fundamental.
  • INTEREST: it is necessary that, at this stage, the company increase the levels of engagement and unleashes its best weapons to transform the generic user into a lead. The brand should convey authority and reliability.
  • CONSIDERATION: The company’s goal is to demonstrate that its product or service is better than that of the competitors, to make positive and memorable the lead experience. In this phase, the interaction between lead and company takes place.
  • CONVERSION: The user realizes that he can satisfy his needs and converts by becoming a customer, purchasing or requesting purchase assistance.

At each stage of the conversion funnel it is essential to consider the complexity of the product but, above all, to study a proper strategy to make each touch point effective.