digital strategy

Digital Strategy

chiara June 24, 2022

Digital strategy is an essential element for the success of a company. It is basic to create a corporate presence on the web through the use of online tools...

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User Experience and User Interface

chiara June 17, 2022

User Experience and User Interface are two indipendent terms: UX is how well a website works and it is a human-first approach to web design UI is the aesthetic...

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Editorial Plan

chiara April 19, 2022

The editorial plan is a document that anyone who wants to give a coherent image of their brand creates and, above all, organize their contents in order to tell...

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The technological innovations in healthcare and life sciences

Giulia Ognibene July 23, 2021

CIOs in the healthcare and life sciences sector must face the growth of technological innovations which must be incorporated into their strategic planning! 2020 saw a lot of opportunistic...

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