AWS Solution Architect

AWS Solution Architect

chiara June 29, 2022

We are looking for an AWS Solution Architect with Lambda. Role purpose: Develop/support API development for Big Data deployments following established development standards in a cloud environment (serverless) Major...

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digital strategy

Digital Strategy

chiara June 24, 2022

Digital strategy is an essential element for the success of a company. It is basic to create a corporate presence on the web through the use of online tools...

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sustainable business

Sustainable Business

chiara June 21, 2022

Sustainable business wants to have positive impact on the environment and minimize all adverse effects associated with the company. Some of the main benefits of sustainable business are: It...

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User Experience and User Interface

chiara June 17, 2022

User Experience and User Interface are two indipendent terms: UX is how well a website works and it is a human-first approach to web design UI is the aesthetic...

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smart city

Smart City

chiara June 14, 2022

Marketing departments of companies and local administrations often misuse “Smart city” concept, talking about “the city of the future”. Its definition relates instead to a set of strategies to...

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