STORYTELLING: make your own story memorable and shareable!

Giulia Ognibene October 26, 2021

To create an effective brand communication we need to connect consumer needs to product/services features and value, using storytelling techniques. Communication is often limited to listing the main characteristics...

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4 Capabilities that your Virtual Event Technology Tools must have to improve your business!

Giulia Ognibene October 4, 2021

Virtual Events must offer engaging experience using comprehensive event technologies. Event technology tools make organization able to manage a wide variety of events on a single platform. These technology...

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7 Steps to create successful CRM Maps

Giulia Ognibene September 23, 2021

A winning CRM map needs to be based on horizontal and vertical flows that include all departments simultaneously. It has to be based on an inside-out approach which allow...

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5 artificial intelligence ways to guide data and analytics leaders to create highest performance

Giulia Ognibene September 9, 2021

The 5 high level business impacts that data and analytics leaders can create using AI projects are: EXPLORATION: unknown transformative patterns in data.INNOVATION: promote new business idea based on...

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Privacy and work: the importance of a healthy Work Life Balance

Giulia Ognibene September 2, 2021

The adoption of digital devices in the workplace has helped to break down barriers between public and private life. Among the most important variables during the evaluation of a...

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