sustainable business

Sustainable Business

chiara June 21, 2022

Sustainable business wants to have positive impact on the environment and minimize all adverse effects associated with the company. Some of the main benefits of sustainable business are: It...

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smart city

Smart City

chiara June 14, 2022

Marketing departments of companies and local administrations often misuse “Smart city” concept, talking about “the city of the future”. Its definition relates instead to a set of strategies to...

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artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

chiara May 5, 2022

Artificial intelligence studies the design techniques of hardware systems and creates software capable of completing actions that appear to belong exclusively to human intelligence. Could become a viable solution...

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Technologies and healthcare

chiara April 22, 2022

The technological revolution in healthcare could transform obsolete practices into more modern techniques, provide cheaper, faster, and above all more effective solutions against diseases. Trackers, sensors and wearables are...

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Editorial Plan

chiara April 19, 2022

The editorial plan is a document that anyone who wants to give a coherent image of their brand creates and, above all, organize their contents in order to tell...

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chiara April 15, 2022

The accessibility of VR experiences to digital consumers is increasing: among all the new technologies, gamification remains one of the solid trends in the advertising for 2022. Gamification uses...

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Telemedicine: a patient-centric approach

Giulia Ognibene August 5, 2021

Telemedicine marks a radical change in the relationship between doctor, patient and institutions.The consequences of COVID-19 have made digitalization necessary in all industries and this time progress has not...

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The technological innovations in healthcare and life sciences

Giulia Ognibene July 23, 2021

CIOs in the healthcare and life sciences sector must face the growth of technological innovations which must be incorporated into their strategic planning! 2020 saw a lot of opportunistic...

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