Brand Reputation

By: chiara Posted on: October 7, 2022
Brand Reputation

It might be hard to uniquely define “Brand Reputation”: it is a multidimensional construct that refers to a set of expectations, perceptions and audience rating of the company.

Brand reputation can represent a real competitive advantage.

There are several factors that contribute to corporate reputation creation and strengthening.

The Reputation Institute proposes 7:

  • Performance
  • Products and services quality
  • The ability to adapt to change
  • Corporate culture and working environment
  • Leadership, as the reputation of its leaders and top managers
  • The company’s attitude in business relationships
  • Corporate social responsibility

We cannot talk about corporate reputation without taking into consideration the power and speed of news on the net.

A negative word of mouth on the web would be enough to affect productivity and reputation of the company: social customer care and online reputation monitoring are essential for maintaining a good reputation.