smart city

Smart City

chiara June 14, 2022

Marketing departments of companies and local administrations often misuse “Smart city” concept, talking about “the city of the future”. Its definition relates instead to a set of strategies to...

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artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

chiara May 5, 2022

Artificial intelligence studies the design techniques of hardware systems and creates software capable of completing actions that appear to belong exclusively to human intelligence. Could become a viable solution...

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5 artificial intelligence ways to guide data and analytics leaders to create highest performance

Giulia Ognibene September 9, 2021

The 5 high level business impacts that data and analytics leaders can create using AI projects are: EXPLORATION: unknown transformative patterns in data.INNOVATION: promote new business idea based on...

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Facebook wants to create a wrist device to make human-machine relationship as intuitive as possible!

Giulia Ognibene August 23, 2021

After years of research, facebook reveals the possibility of creating a wrist device that can be used as a processing platform, able to support a wide range of sensors. ...

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Spotify studies you!

Giulia Ognibene July 23, 2021

Did you know? studies you! Its analytical skills use artificial intelligence to create a perfectly customized customer experience. The app uses BART, an algorithm that operates in order to...

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