STORYTELLING: make your own story memorable and shareable!

By: Giulia Ognibene Posted on: October 26, 2021

To create an effective brand communication we need to connect consumer needs to product/services features and value, using storytelling techniques. Communication is often limited to listing the main characteristics of products, highlighting the features that most differentiate their market offer from the others; but to create a real perception of value, communication should be oriented to linking products functionalities to consumer needs, and their different use cases. Storytelling techniques helps copywriters to evoke in consumer mind a mental connection between products/services and their own situations. Each storytelling structure must be based on the impact of change.

One of the most effective storytelling approach is called OSIR (Outcomes – Situation – Impact – Resolution).
1. Outcomes: create a short, catchy, outcomes oriented headline to anticipate the rest of the story and to gear the interest of readers to deepen the reading
2.Situation: identify the problem, pain or dilemma.
3. Impact: quantify the impact of situation in consumer life.
4. Resolution: specify how your product or service can solve the problem. Especially in business world storytelling must be authentic and build trust.

Communication should always be oriented to create an emotional connection in consumers mind to make stories memorable and shareable.