4 Capabilities that your Virtual Event Technology Tools must have to improve your business!

By: Giulia Ognibene Posted on: October 4, 2021

Virtual Events must offer engaging experience using comprehensive event technologies.
Event technology tools make organization able to manage a wide variety of events on a single platform.
These technology solutions help marketers to create a complete and high quality customer experience, manage event logistic and spread an effective promotion activity.

Let’s talk about the 4 most relevant capabilities that event technology tools must offer to improve the quality of any kind of event:

1. Attendee management: before, during and after events, thanks to the ability to manage registration, communicate with attendees and spread quality contents.
2. Content management: includes speaker and agenda management, session selection and call for papers.
3. Reporting and analytics: includes the ability to track registration metrics, measure the duration of participation and the engagement to understand what’s most interesting and important to the attendees across the events.
4. Customer support: before, during and after live, simulate (recordings) and on-demand events.