7 Steps to create successful CRM Maps

By: Giulia Ognibene Posted on: September 23, 2021

A winning CRM map needs to be based on horizontal and vertical flows that include all departments simultaneously. It has to be based on an inside-out approach which allow leaders to identify the most important process to achieve business goals.

Discover 7 steps to make improvements by working through inside out approach:

  1. Identify which process most affects customers choices through the “audit“.
  2. Identify your organization key process to achieve CRM strategy goals.
  3. Identify which of these processes are most important to achieve CRM goals.
  4. A process can be managed by different business units, which increase the risk that they will be left without property and ignored. It is therefore necessary to assign each key process to a specific owner.
  5. Minimize the impact on processes that affect partners, through the implementation of changes to back and front office.
  6. Communicate to customers your service-level target and the feedback on improvements.
  7. Analyze success and refine process changes.

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